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PCJM 2-Day Seminar (1-9 attendees)

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2 Day Pain Compliance and Joint Manipulation Seminar (Breakdown)

Taught by Krav Maga certified instructors, this is our small group rate geared towards GROUP SIZE 1-9. Each day is designed to include two, three-hour workout sessions: 9-12 and 1-4pm/day. These are full scale training classes and will require your attendees be prepared for physical and strenuous training. Our training is designed to incorporate our experience and knowledge into fast paced, high intensity training days. Preparation to effectively deploy pain compliance and joint manipulation techniques requires lots of repetitions and we will focus on 4 basic techniques in this course. This training is more demanding and provides trainees with reality-based skills to fight back, defend or detain in these scenarios. Trainees will be taught basic Combative Strikes and pain compliance tactics to neutralize armed and unarmed attackers.

This is our basic rate and includes pricing for instructors and their travel expenses for three days. After discussion, Hindsights staff will determine the number of instructors required.

A breakdown of the intended techniques and combatives can be provided upon request.

**Rates can and will change based on location, number of students and number of required instructors. **