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iShot® Ultra Low light UVC housed camera kit

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USB/UVC Visual/IR Camera Low Light Camera

This USB/UVC camera is a plug-n-play camera that is designed to work with almost all android phones/tablets, PC’s (windows, MAC and Ubuntu) and NAS devices along our “travel routers”.

What makes this camera stand out from conventional USB cameras is its ability to except various M-12 Mega Pixel lenses and provide HD color images from full sun to very low light conditions without requiring the user to make adjustment to the cameras setting manually as the lighting conditions change.

This camera does this automatically with its embedded image processing and does it well.

In-addition it offers low thermal signature, low power consumption, and comes standard with USB C type connector

Kit contains:

  • EM14613  iShot Ultra Low light UVC housed camera
  • EM157907 C mount to M-12 adapter 
  • EM16347 - 2.1mm IR dual pass M12 lens
  • EM14072 - 3.6mm IR dual pass M12 lens
  • EM62622 - 8mm IR dual pass M12 lens
  • EM69455 - 16mm IR dual pass M12 lens
  • EM69456 - 25mm IR dual pass M12 lens
  • EM63147 -  6’ extension  cable
  • EM118304 - Alum hex M12 locking nut
  • EM63099 - wrench
  • EM17912 - kit case

Camera Specifications

Lens M12 megapixel

CCD: 1/2.8”

Resolution: 1920×1080, 1280×960, 1280×720, 800x600, 640×480, 320×240

Power: USB +5V

Version: USB 2.0 UVC

USB interface: USB C OTG, also included is a USB C to USB type A adapter

LUX: 0.07 lx F2.0 (AGC ON=36dB, Shutter=1/7.5 sec.)

Housed Dimensions: 30 X 30 X 22 mm (measured without ¼-20 mount installed)