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PCJM 1-Day Seminar

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Size: 1-9 attendees

Thank you for contacting Hindsights 20/20 LLC and for expressing interest in our PCJM program. First, I would like to provide you with some background regarding our company.  Hindsights 20/20 PCJM Division is dedicated to further train our clients in pain compliance to subdue and restrain assailants via joint manipulation to further protect themselves and their client against violent and passive threats. Instructors from Hindsights are trained and certified in Threat Dynamics, Aikido and Krav Maga fighting systems. Our training makes us uniquely qualified in developing and implement training evolutions for both Force Training (military/law enforcement) and civilian clients. 

In this day and age, where shear violence of action is under tough scrutiny, pain compliance and joint manipulation can quickly defuse a passive or aggressive attack on you or your client seemingly without the visual hard use of force. Unlike many other fighting styles, the art of PCJM has been developed over thousands of years of combat trial by fire. We have taken many of those proven techniques and applied them to PPD and PSD groups for their use.

This is our high intensity, 1 day seminar. Consisting of 1, three-hour workout session: 9-12am, 1-4pm or 5-8. This is a full scale training class and will require your attendees be prepared for physical and strenuous training. Our training is designed to incorporate our experience and knowledge into fast paced, high intensity training days. Preparation to effectively deploy pain compliance and joint manipulation techniques requires lots of repetitions and we will focus on 4 basic techniques in this course. This training is more demanding and provides trainees with reality-based skills to fight back, defend or detain in these scenarios. Trainees will be taught basic Combative Strikes and pain compliance tactics to neutralize armed and unarmed attackers.