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The WAT-05U2M camera has a 180 degree wide angle lens which enables you to obtain a full HD ultra-wide video.

This waterproof camera was designed for use in the rain and wind. It connects directly to your Android smart phone or laptop. This wide angle, low light, color, miniature USB camera makes for a perfect body camera or action camera suitable for a number of indoor/outdoor activities.

Water Resistant: Watec's WAT-05U2M camera is water resistant and built for outdoor use (IPX7 compliance).

Full Color: Watec's WAT-05U2M camera supports full color HD video.

High Definition: Watec's WAT-05U2M 180 degree wide angle lens supports 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240 formats.

Ultra Low Light: Watec's WAT-05U2M Ultra low light camera supports minimum illumination of 0.3 Ix F2.0 (AGC ON=36dB, Shutter=OFF) and 0.07 Ix F2.0 (AGC ON=36dB, Shutter=l/7.5 sec.).

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